Building on history

Piet Design was founded in 1990 by Elisabeth (Piet) Rijkels-Visser. This design studio specialises in historically sound, build-it-yourself products, which can be bought in museum shops all over the Netherlands and abroad. 

Piet Design’s best known work is the foldable Delft blue flower pyramid which can be filled with water and real flowers.

As well as product design Piet Design focusses on installations that allow the visitor to become part of the work of art itself. Last year the studio realised an exhibition of Dutch tiles in the Atrium; this included a large maze that was used enthusiastically by young visitors while they were waiting. Other projects included the installations in the toilets of Museum Rijswijk on the occasion of its biannual paper and textile exhibitions. Piet Design aims to make artworks literally accessible for everybody, art for and around YOU.

A third aim of Piet Design is education: to make our cultural inheritance accessible and available to as many people as possible, old and young. Like the products and the art installations this is a matter of presenting complex historical subjects in a simple way and developing  teaching material that is contemporary and easily grasped.